Chatting with Fred, designer of FRED x Everlay Collaboration

"It is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself to listen to that little inner voice and follow your intuition" - Frederique Lessard 
A: What was your favorite part about the collab with Everlay?
F: Hard question EVERYTHING I would say but to be able to choose between the little charms and being involve in every steps/process of the collab development even from afar. From the color and length we wanted and the name of the necklaces. It was also a big pleasure to work with my friend one of the co-owner and founder, Alex. It makes the collab even more special to me. Shes an amazing human, those kind of people that you meet along in your life and make a difference. 
I can’t take off my 3 necklaces since I have them!! THEY ARE THE BOMB!
A: What is something that challenges you each day?
F:  My business I would say 100%. (@lesbasics)
A: What is something someone would be surprised to know about living in Bali?
F:  That its not always paradise…it comes also with the life responsibilities, you know those ones that people think I don’t do haha Like working, cooking, washing dishes, mood swing, , bad day and the list can be really long. I often have comments that my life is perfect…and I hate that because its not true nothing is perfect in life. I decided to follow my dreams but nobody says that its easy, but some of those social media influencers that we follow make us think that and its irritating…of course I won't post negative pictures of my life because I want to share happy moments and inspire others. People judge fast, but even in Bali problems follow you and stuff happens, just like everywhere else in the world. 
A: What inspired you to move to Bali?
F:  When I was really young I wanted to live abroad…I didn't know where or when but I knew deep down that  I wanted to try something different and just try it. When I came to Bali in a vacation of 2 months with friends I fell in love with Canggu and the island of Bali, where I am still based at the moment. I was fascinated by that island, here you can eat really well from expats people that comes from everywhere in the world to open and make their traditional home cuisine and also being able to have that beach bum lifestyle on the side. It really feels like endless summer here and you are surrounded by people that are in vacation enjoying every moment and that are happy so it helps for the mood! (which sometimes makes it harder to stay focused haha)
A: What is your favorite part about living in Bali?


F: The lifestyle which means The sun, the palm trees and the ocean and good food. I fall in love with the endless summer vibe and that atmosphere that Bali has. You feel like everything is possible and their is a lot of creative people surrounding us so it gives a lot motivation and wanting to push the limits.
A: What advice do you have for someone to live out their dreams?
F: To just do it. The fear will always be there, but you need to for once jump over it and  make the decision that you feels is the best for your happiness. Everything is unknown when you  decide to jump but you can see it as also everything is possible. I would tell them that is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself to listen to that little inner voice and guts. Right down on a piece of paper what would make you really happy and put it on your wall every time you do something think about that paper and if your actions are going towards that goal…if not don’t waste your time on those stuff. I always keep that paper not far from me…to remember what is important.
Also It’s hard to keep track and stay motivated sometimes as big challenges comes up on your way and try to tear you down but at the end this is what makes you stronger and a better person to be able to face those difficulties. If you never try you will never know. That would be my biggest fear it would have been not to try the dream I had in mind to live abroad and do something a truly love… Never regret it since 4 years now and as much as it gets hard sometimes (being away from family and friends) I still think it was the best decision of my life.
A: Whats your current iphone background?
F: Its my front door store. It helps me to appreciate every step of the big picture and to make me realize where I came from and what I was able to accomplish after 2 years of hard work.  Plus I really love the color of my doors haha peachy look!
Fred's online store Les Basics will open in January 2018