Chatting with Silas Studios on co-designing our latest collection

Our latest collection features line drawings brought to life via the lost-wax casting method. We wanted to create pieces that captured the magic of the mountains we call home and female empowerment. We worked with Silas Studios to design our latest collection of timeless pieces to bring meaning and inspiration to your everyday essential style. Follow along as we chat with the artist about our collaboration :) 
Describe your morning routine for us :)
I start the day with a glass of lemon water and writing down my goals! 
Tell us a bit about how you started designing!
I've always loved designing and drawing ever since I was little so I feel like it has always been in me and was something I developed over time.
What is your biggest source of inspiration?
I take inspiration from other designers, architecture and human life and relationships. Organic forms and colors also trigger inspiration for me! 
What are three pieces of advice you would give to fellow artists?
(1) Always work at your skill and your craft (2) Follow your gut and create what makes you happy (3) be proud of who you are and let that come through your work
 What are some guiding values that inspire your decisions and space that you hold every day?
Always be true to who you are and trust your journey! 
 What do you hope to see in the world 5 years from now?
More peace, more art, more appreciation and respect towards one another. 
What was your favourite part about collaborating with Everlay Jewelry?
I really loved seeing the design come to life from the initial sketches to the final product, being set into the jewelry! It's so special to think that people will be wearing something I designed and hopefully love them as much as I do! 
8. Which piece do you see yourself wearing each day?
 Definitely the rings! I'm such a ring lady I always have at least 5 on everyday!